Investment Management

Tilney is positioned exceptionally well to serve the increasing numbers of people who are choosing to delegate the day-to-day responsibility for their investments to professional investment managers. It provides an award-winning service that is run by a large, UK-wide team of investment professionals who are amongst the most highly qualified and experienced in the country.

A range of investment management solutions

Tilney provides a range of investment management solutions. Through its Personalised Investment Management Service, clients benefit from bespoke investment portfolios and ongoing active management of their investments by Tilney’s experts. It also offers a Core Investment Management Service that aims to preserve and grow wealth in line with a pre-agreed level of investment risk. All investment management solutions are underpinned by a robust and disciplined investment process that has been developed by Tilney's Chief Investment Officer and central investment team.

Combining financial planning and investment services

Clients who invest through Tilney also benefit from the company’s expertise in financial planning. Tilney has a large team of expert financial planners across the UK and they can work in partnership with investment professionals to design strategies to help define and achieve lifestyle and wealth goals, including retirement, inheritance planning and tax-efficient investments.

A US service

In addition to providing investment management services to individuals and families in the UK, Tilney works with individuals, trusts and companies with connections to the US. Its specialist team has developed a range of investment strategies to meet the needs of clients with different tax and residential situations. Tilney also runs a dedicated UK-wide service that provides investment management for charities.