Bestinvest helped shake up the investment industry when it launched in the 1980s. It was a pioneer of affordable investing and quickly earned a reputation as a consumer champion. Remaining true to these roots, Bestinvest today provides clients who want to choose and manage their own investments with everything they need to succeed.

Self-directed investing

A distinctive feature of Bestinvest’s award-winning and cost-effective Online Investment Service is that clients can choose to have as much or as little involvement with their investments as they feel comfortable with. 

  • Investment enthusiasts are drawn to Bestinvest because it gives them access to thousands of investments, which they can select and buy in minutes, and because of the quality of its investment research. This research is available free of charge to everyone via its website and is produced by the large research department that serves the wider Tilney Group. This department conducts more than 400 face-to-face interviews with fund managers every year. It has also researched every VCT ever launched, making Bestinvest popular with experienced, high risk VCT investors too*.
  • Bestinvest is equally as welcoming to clients who don’t have the experience, knowledge or appetite for investing. It operates a large UK-based telephone team to give clients the support they need as well as providing informative guides and videos, and a helpful range of tools. For clients wanting an effortless way to invest, Bestinvest also provides a range of Ready-made Portfolios. These are managed by the Tilney Bestinvest Chief Investment Officer and his team. 

Clients of Bestinvest can choose from a range of accounts, including its award-winning ISA and Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP), which are both easy to set up and manage online and that come with market-leading pricing.

*VCTs should be regarded as higher risk investments. They are only suitable for UK resident taxpayers who can tolerate higher risk and have a time horizon of greater than five years.