Tilney for Professionals

Our support for financial advisers began in the 1990s and we now provide services to financial advisers through our Tilney for Professionals company.

Meeting the needs of advisers

Under Tilney for Professionals, we have an experienced and highly qualified UK-wide team that creates reliable and cost-effective investment management solutions for financial advisers right across the country. 

A key feature of the service provided by Tilney for Professionals is that it can work with financial advisers in different ways to best suit the needs of the adviser.

  • Using the Introducer Model, Tilney for Professionals will provide investment advice and investment management to clients introduced by the adviser
  • With the adviser model, it provides investment management to a mandate selected by the adviser.

Tilney for Professionals offers a wide range of investment management solutions to meet the needs of financial advisers. Solutions include a new range of Advanced Passive Portfolios, which comprise advanced passive and smart beta funds to keep overall costs low, multi-asset portfolios, a managed portfolio service and discretionary investment management.